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C.r.a.f.t Fashion Gmbh I Markus Sittikus Str.20 I 6845 Hohenems

Terms and conditions

All data, images and information on the online shop and are the copyright ownership of C.r.a.f.t. Fashion GmbH, Marktstraße 37, Austria, unless another copyright is indicated.

C.r.a.f.t. Fashion GmbH is based in Austria and produces high-quality labels and premium jeans under the brand name "C.r.a.f.t.". Ideas and designs are exclusive to C.r.a.f.t.

Denim products are produced almost exclusively in Portugal and leather products in Turkey.

C.r.a.f.t. Fashion GmbH also runs its own multi-brand stores. In these stores Cr.a.f.t.'s own designs are sold, as well as designer labels from Los Angeles, London, Paris and other cities around the world.

The online store, and, is also run by Cr.a.f.t. Fashion GmbH, Marktstraße 37, 6840 Dornbirn, Austria.

All activities are collectively run under the company books of

C.r.a.f.t. Fashion GmbH

Marktstraße 37

6850 Dornbirn / Austria

Tel: +43 5572 372937

Information on business management, company registration and VAT identification number can be requested at Customer Service.

General Sales Terms

The offer and sale of each article on our website ( and is subject to the following general sales conditions:

Products bought at and are sold directly by C.r.a.f.t. Fashion GmbH, Marktstraße 37, A-6850 Dornbirn.

For further information regarding the business and products on offer, please contact Customer Service. At Customer Service you can also obtain any information regarding orders, delivery, refunds and returns of products sold by and

General conditions of use, data protection and right of withdrawal:


The seller offers their products for sale on or and practises this electronic commercial activity exclusively to "end consumers".


"End consumers" are defined as individuals whose sales contracts with the seller are not made for business or professional purposes. The seller requests, therefore, that those who belong to this latter category do not order any products offered for sale on this website.


The seller reserves the right to not deliver orders to other end consumers, who do not agree with this business policy.


These general sales terms apply exclusively to the offer, transfer and ordering of the products between the user of or and the seller.


The general sales terms do not apply to the service or sale of products, which do not originate from the seller in the form of links, banners or other text forms found on the seller's website. Before you wish to use services, which do not originate from the seller, we request that you first read the terms and conditions of that provider to confirm that the seller is not responsible for these made or offered services/products, or for electronically conducted business between the user and a third party.


To order products on and, the electronic order form must be completed and sent online to the seller, and all online instructions followed.


The order form includes a summary of the general sales terms, individual product descriptions and prices (including tax), payment methods, delivery costs and terms and conditions for returns.


The sending of an online order form from the customer to the seller indicates the completion of a contract. Please check your data before sending the document.


Before you complete an order form and send it to the seller, you will be asked to read all terms and conditions.


The order form will be held in our data banks until completion of contract and for the lawfully required amount of time.


Before sending the order form, you will be required to check for any mistakes in the form.


The contract comes into force when the seller accepts the request made by the customer in the order form. The contract with the seller will be completed in English or German.


In the case of a product becoming unavailable at the moment of ordering, the seller will inform the customer immediately, and at least within 7 (seven) working days from the day following the order being sent. If payment has already been completed, the seller will reimburse.


On sending the online order form the customer accepts the general sales terms and conditions wholly and is obliged to observe these terms in connection with the seller.


On sending the online order form you confirm that you have read and accepted the general sales terms and conditions, as well as any further information on or This includes information to be found in the general terms of use, as well as the data protection section.


Upon receipt of the order, the seller will send you an email with all details of your order, which are also to be found on the order form (general sales terms, product and price descriptions, payment methods, returns rights and delivery).


The seller sells exclusively branded products.


The seller does not sell used, falsified or bad quality products as those standard products on offer on the market.


The products on offer online are presented clearly and according to reality. The seller is unable, however, to guarantee that the colours and images shown on the customer's screen exactly represent the products in reality. Users' browsers and monitors may affect the images.


Statutory warranty rights affect all products in our online shop.


Product prices are subject to change. Check the final price before you send the order form.


The seller cannot accept orders from countries where we don't deliver.


All products have a label. Please do not remove the labels. This includes the labels on the jeans.


The seller reserves the right not to accept returned goods which have the labels removed.


Payment of the purchase price and delivery price of the products are to be found on the description on the order form.


With credit card payments, financial information (credit or debit card number, or expiry date) will be automatically sent to our bank, or other banks that are responsible for the process of the electronic payment, by encrypted protocol, without a third party having any access in any form to this information. This information will not be used again by the seller, other than in the case of refunding returned products or in the case of fraudulent purchasing, in which case the police will be informed.


The bank account or credit card will be debited will the amount of the order on the day of shipping.


The seller also generally accepts cash on delivery. This only applies to orders, which are less than €500 in total, and for no more than three successive and not yet shipped orders from one customer (which together do not exceed this value). The seller will reject orders for cash on delivery that exceed this limit, and inform the customer. The seller reserves the right to reject orders by cash on delivery in individual cases, even when the limits have not been exceeded. In this case, the seller shall inform the customer. The customer always has the opportunity to choose a different payment method.


Shipping and delivery of the products

Details of shipping and delivery can be found under Customer Service. These terms and conditions are an important part of the general terms and conditions and shall therefore be regarded as fully understood and accepted by the customer in the sending of the order confirmation.

Customer service

General information or procedures for complaints can be obtained in the Customer Service section.


You may revoke your contract within 14 days without giving a reason, through sending a clear statement. The deadline begins on the day that you or a third person named by you, who is not the transporter, has received the last product item. To ensure the cancellation, it is sufficient to send the cancellation within the cancellation deadline. The cancellation should be sent to:

C.r.a.f.t. Fashion GmbH, Marktstraße 37, 6850 Dornbirn / Austria

Cancellations can be made by completing the cancellation form, or by sending a clear statement. A cancellation form is included with the delivery. Cancellations can only be accepted when the returns formula is completed.

In the case of a successful return, received payments/goods from both parties are to be returned. You are to return the goods to the above address of and within 14 days of our receipt of the cancellation. The deadline is met if you send the goods within the deadline of 14 days. Returns costs are the customer’s responsibility, even for goods that cannot be returned by normal post. You must only pay for any diminished value of the goods, when, upon checking the condition of the goods, this diminished value of property and functionality can be attributed to an unnecessary handling of the goods by you. We shall reimburse you with all delivery costs (excepting any additional costs that may arise should you have chosen another delivery method from the cheapest standard delivery that we offer) within 14 days from the date from which the cancellation notification has been received, although we may refuse to reimburse according to the requirements of 9.2. We shall reimburse using the same payment method as the original transaction, or by bank transfer.

After the customer has returned the goods, the seller will check the compliance of the returns with the terms as above in Paragraph 7.


The seller shall reimburse payments within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the returned goods.


Our company is based in Austria and Austrian data protection regulations (“applicable law”) apply.


The general terms and conditions will occasionally be updated. The updated terms and conditions will apply from their date of publication on and

ODR Platform

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that the European Commission has set up a platform for alternative, extrajudicial dispute resolution, which can be found on the following website: